Metal Core PCB

Metal core printed circuit boards are generally aluminum pcb, it provides the design solution to challenges faced with low temperature superconductive circuit boards and applications where the radiation absorption properties of aluminum can be exploited.

By successfully developing a process of chemically milling circuit boards with an aluminum circuitry, we are able to provide a design solution to a number of unique applications previously constrained by conventional PCB materials and processes.

The process of producing PCBs with aluminum circuitry is unique.

The aluminum circuit begins with ultra-thin sheets of 30 um aluminum foil. Depending on the customer requirements a mere 5um film of copper can be layered between the aluminum and dielectric to enhance the thermal conductivity of the device. A copper layer 5um thickcan also be provided on pads on the top side to enhance solderability These layered sheets are laminated together to customer specific configurations. After machining, a series of processing stages produce the fine lines and finally the soldermask/silkscreen artwork is provided. The end product is a printed circuit board with fine-line aluminum traces, solderable pads and superconductive capable connectivity.

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