What are the risks in the processing mode of PCBA foundry materials

Why is there a saying about OEM materials?

Now that the electronic processing industry adopts the PCBA OEM model to become more and more popular, the PCBA OEM model has received more and more attention from electronic product development companies. PCBA foundry material refers to PCBA processing manufacturers providing one-stop services such as electronic component procurement, PCB board procurement, SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing, PCBA post-welding processing, PCBA assembly and PCBA testing. Customers only need to provide complete information and wait for the receipt of the goods. It is a popular electronic processing mode in modern industrial production. Of course, everything has two sides. The advantages of the PCBA OEM model are obvious, but there are also certain risks. Now the editor will analyze some risks that may be encountered in PCBA OEM processing.

What are the risks in the processing mode of SMT foundry materials?

1. The authenticity of materials

Since PCBA foundry manufacturers are responsible for the overall production of electronic components and PCBs, some electronic processing plants pursuing profit may purchase some counterfeit and shoddy materials in order to reduce production costs.

2. The procurement cycle

In the entire production cycle of electronic processing, material procurement is the most unstable, especially when the components used by customers are scarce, not common supplies, or components are in large demand, and the foundry has no inventory and needs to take the order At this time, uncontrollable factors will occur.

3. Maintenance

If the SMT foundry manufacturer does not have strong repair capabilities, it will cause difficulties in product repair and prolong the repair cycle, which will ultimately affect the delivery time of the product and cause relatively large losses to customers.