Why need to do PCBA sample before mass production

What is pcba sample

PCBA proofing is a small batch PCB SMT patch processing trial production verification test carried out by customers due to the design requirements of new products, in order to ensure that the product design meets the expected design requirements. In general, the

number of  PCBA proofing is less than 30 pieces.

Make PCBA sample reason

Normal before mass production ,customer will choose one or more supplier make the test sample,what is purpose ?

1.Inspection pcb design whether have problem or not ,have any change it

  1. Whether the PCBA board produced is consistent with the expected function and what needs to be improved.
  2. It is to screen out powerful factories to ensure the finished product rate and test pass rate of PCBA production, to have an assessment of the approximate delivery time and quality, and to have an accurate estimation of various conditions of mass orders in the later stage.

PCBA make test sample what file need ?

1.BOm list

2.Stencil provide panel gerber file

3.Silkscreen drawing

4.pick place file

5.pcb file(in order to protect customer document ,we often suggest client when send file to us delete inside layer ,leave top and bottom layer

Able to judge the strength level of circuit board manufacturers
Effective PCB proofing before the prenatal period can also clearly understand the strength of the circuit board manufacturer, especially the manufacturer that the two sides have not cooperated with before. The strength level and ability of the circuit board manufacturer can be determined through proofing. Only the circuit board manufacturer that has the same ability and can meet the standard requirements in the processing technology can meet the requirements. In order to better meet the enterprise long its cooperation and high quality processing production of PCB board requirements.

It can reduce the defect rate of the mass production of PCB circuit board
Usually the quantity of PCB board processing and production is large. In order to ensure that everything goes smoothly in mass production without quality problems and reduce the defect rate, it is very necessary to sample the circuit board before production. After all, the processing of PCB board needs to go through complex processing procedures, each procedure or processing link can not make mistakes, after successful proofing, there will be professional technical personnel to carry out effective tests on the samples, after passing various professional tests to determine that there is no problem before mass production.

PCB proofing is also in order to understand the performance of the new product in advance and functional response, through the proofing can be effective to lay a good foundation for the mass production in the future, proper material cost accounting can also optimize the deficiency, ahead of the needs in the proofing process for effective treatment, can reduce various unprepared when mass production problems.
Visible proofing before the formal launch of PCB is very necessary, also is the first step to a successful cooperation with processing enterprises, so want to choose a reasonable price PCB manufacturer for proofing, and with the manufacturers to provide plate processing or size requirements on the size of the required materials in good communication consultation before formal PCB proofing, It is also to lay a good foundation for better cooperation between the two sides in the later period.