Why PCB assembly is getting harder and harder

This year’s PCB manufacturing and assembly why everyone generally finds it difficult to do. In fact, for our PCBA industry, one of our judgments is that with the emergence of new technology and new products, more and more printed circuit boards will be needed, so overall this is still a sunrise industry. Since it is a sunrise industry, why is it becoming more and more difficult to do? In fact, a specific analysis of this year’s trend is: if we compare the market to a big pond, then the various situations of this year would be considered as pumping the water from this pond. The water is pumped less and less, and the sun is getting bigger and bigger, and the water temperature is getting higher and higher. It turned out that a large pond can accommodate a lot of fish, and the water is not too hot and it is very comfortable. Not anymore. There is less water in the pond, and the hot fishes can’t sink anymore. They all jump up, and finally can survive the dry season. When the rainy season comes, those who hide under the plants and can adapt to environmental changes Live to the end.

1. Homogeneous competition in the industry

As the PCB manufacturing industry has more and more entrants, Shenzhen is not only PCB manufacturing, there are also thousands of PCB processing companies. These large and small companies are the same. You can do it. We can do it all. Basically everyone is grabbing a customer. If there is no characteristic, there is no differentiation. In contrast, the customer chooses whomever the price is low. Therefore, the homogeneity of competition is that whoever has the lowest price is the king.

2. Intensified head competition

Head competition is more uncomfortable. For example, Tencent, Alibaba, and are basically top players in this industry. In the SMT patch industry, many top players have also formed. For example, manufacturers who have mastered most of the resources can control the voice of the entire market, and can take advantage of the price advantage to kill the small players first, and finally dominate the market. .

Since the beginning of this year, domestic and foreign demand has been declining. This has also led to a general perception of how the market is becoming more and more difficult to do. Then this trend will continue in the visible time.