PCBA Inspection

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PCBA Inspection

As an ISO9001 certificated PCB Assembly factory, BGPCBA adheres to a thorough quality and process control. The tests and inspections include physical and visual inspections, open & short tests, AOI inspections, X-ray inspection, and In-Circuit tests. These PCBA inspection process ensure customers final product meets their design specifications, and also control the whole production lot to high non-defective ratio which reduce the entire lead time.

AOI Testing 100% for each board

X-Ray Inspection provides high-resolution inspection for your PCBA board:

1, Defect inspection in IC encapsulation, e.g.: layer separation, cracking, void, and line integrity.

2, Measuring chip size, measuring line curvature, measuring the proportion of solder area of components.

3, Possible defects in PCB manufacturing processes, e.g.: misalignment, solder bridge and open.

4, SMT solder short, cold solder, component shifted, solder insufficient, solder void inspection and measurement.

5, Defect inspection of open, short or abnormal connections that may occur in automotive wiring harnesses and connectors.

6, Inner rupture or hollow inspection in plastic or metal.

7, Battery stacking uniformity, electrode welding inspection.

8, Seed, biological material inspection etc.