PCB production quality management

procurement and incoming inspection strict PCB material to enhance the training of production technology, to further improve the quality of producQuality is the key to survival and development, production and management is one of the core, the same PCB production should strengthen even more the production process quality management, from the management, improve the quality of technical products, the “quality of first, Credit concerned, management-oriented, sincere service “management philosophy applied to production practice, manufacturing great products to occupy the market and win customers. High quality PCB, must pay attention to the following aspects:

  • reasonable choice of PCB material, raw materials and other production materials, the best choice by ISO / TS16949, UL certified PCB material suppliers material. According to cution enterprises.
  • Craft, production foreman according to the company’s production conditions and the opportunity to strengthen technical training process specifications and production operations , It wibb be important / key technologies are summarized, such as the quality of the corrective and preventive measures and their effects of summary data , for employees and the subsequent production technology reference, further improve the company’s process maturity.
  • Quality department to continuously strengthen the functions and construction PQA FQA further improve its quality control level and the level of technology to strengthen the verification efforts of the PQA production process, really play a role PQA monitor the production process and improve the enforcement process technology, improve the company’s production quality from the process technology, reduce the production of printed circuit board scrap chance.
  • engineering, process engineers to further improve through training and other means of their own design, craftsmanship, make the appropriate adjustments and increase in PCB design, production technology, to provide conditions for the company’s quality management.
  • Products of good design aspects, as far as possible using large scale integrated devices, which reduce the volume, stable and reliable work very favorable.