What is the impact of BGA layout on PCBA processing?PCBA processing requirements for BGA layout design

As electronic products become more and more intelligent and sophisticated, which requires better PCBA processing to achieve, good design to produce good products, BGA layout design in PCB design requires extra attention, BGA location is not properly placed, very easy to lead to PCBA quality problems, the following lead  PCBA manufacturers to introduce the requirements of PCBA processing on BGA layout design.
BGA layout on the impact of PCBA processing

BGA size is large, the cross-sectional area of the solder joints is small, PCB bending its four corner parts of the solder joints become stress concentration parts, if PCBA processing in the stress is too large, will likely lead to cracking of the solder joints.

PCBA processing requirements for BGA layout design

1. as far as possible, the layout of the PCB near the transfer side of the part, because the welding deformation is relatively small.

2. Avoid the layout in the corner of L-shaped board and near the crimp connector as much as possible.

3. As far as possible to avoid the front and back mirror layout. If you have to layout, PCB board thickness should be ≥ 2.0mm, which is mainly from long-term reliability considerations, from the conclusions of a number of well-known companies, mirror layout BGA reliability reduced by more than 50%.

4. PBGA as far as possible to avoid the layout of the first assembly surface (the first soldering surface, Bottom surface).

5. Avoid layout of BGA near the separation edge of the assembly plate as far as possible.